Tour de France 2014 at Elland Cricket Club - Road Closures

Road Closures

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If you park on the route in the three weekends leading up to the Tour, you may receive a flyer on your windscreen explaining that a “Clearway Order” comes into force from 00:01 on Friday July 4th for rural areas and 00:01hrs on Sunday 6th July for urban. The clearway order comes into effect at 00:01 on Friday 4th July to allow the Council to issue warning notices to vehicles such as camper vans, street vendors, etc. already parked on the route, showing the intent to tow vehicles away from 00:01 on race day.

The riders and their support vehicles need plenty of space, so there will be no parking on the race route. PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE RACE ROUTE AND WITHIN THE FIRST TEN METRES OF ANY ADJOINING ROAD FROM 00:01 / ONE MINUTE PAST MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY JULY 6TH, AS ANY VEHICLES PARKED ON THE ROUTE OR ADJOINING ROADS (LISTED BELOW) WILL BE TOWED AWAY. YOU CAN STILL DRIVE ALONG THESE ROADS AFTER 00:01 UNTIL 06:30, BUT DO NOT PARK ON THEM DURING THESE HOURS. Letters have now been sent to people who live on the route giving more information and alternate parking options.


The race route and adjoining roads will be closed in Calderdale from 06.30 on Sunday July 6th to allow traffic to drain from the route for a period of half an hour. From 07:00 all the barriers and signage will be positioned on the route, the roads swept and checked in anticipation of the arrival of the event. At 10:30, the route will be handed over to the race organisers, Amaury Sports Organisation (ASO) who will then do their own checks of the route and prepare for the arrival of the race.


Any roads linked to the route will also be closed where the road meets the race route and access roads to the route may also be closed. A current list of road closures is available below and you can view an interactive map of the closures here.

The roads will still be open to pedestrians and cyclists after the closures come into effect at 6.30am, so that spectators can get into position to watch the race, until such time as the ASO checking vehicle arrives from approximately 10:30 onwards.


Calderdale Council are working in partnership with the race organisers, emergency services, emergency planning, housing associations and health care providers to ensure that all essential services can carry on during the event.


The Council and its partners are making every effort to ensure the race is a huge success and also to minimise wherever possible the impact on local people and businesses in Calderdale.


The Tour de France is a huge, fun event - so enjoy yourself and release your inner cyclist! Keep up to date via social media @InnerCyclist for all things cycling in Calderdale or @letouryorkshire for general information.




 The TdF race route closures are:


  • A6033 from the Borough boundary at Cock Hill to its junction with the A646 at Hebden Bridge
  • A646 Hebden Bridge to Mytholmroyd. (Access will also be restricted along the A646 between King Cross and Todmorden)
  • B6138 from Mytholmroyd to its junction with the A58 at Blackstone Edge
  • A58 from Blackstone Edge to Ripponden
  • B6113 from Ripponden to West Vale
  • B6114 from junction with B6113 to Queen Street, West Vale
  • Queen Street
  • Green Lane
  • Hullenedge Lane
  • Hammerstones Road
  • Blackley Road to Borough boundary at Ainley Top



The current list of closed roads linked to the route:


Haworth Old Road

Purprise Lane

Crimsworth Lane

Wilcroft Terrace

Old Lane

Sprutts lane

Akroyd Lane

Midgehole Road

Hurst Road

Lee Mill Road

Old Lees Road

Lees Road

Foster Lane

Eiffel Buildings

St. George's Street

Albert Street

Birchcliffe Road

New Road

Station Road

Falling Royd Lodge

Carr Lane


Red Acre Lane

Longfellow Court

Westfield Terrace

Caldene Avenue

Burnley Road

Church Street

George Street

Scout Road

Streamside Fold

Elphaborough Close

The Brook

Stock Lane

Elphin Court

East View

West View

Caravan site


Dean Hey

Cragg Lane

Twist Clough

New Lane

Castle Gate

Church Bank Lane

Four Gates End

Cragg Vale School

Moorland Cottages

Sykes Gate

Farm Gate

Pylon Access

Blue Ball Road


Baitings Reservoir

Blue Ball Lane

Beeston Laithe

Stainland Labradors

Hollin Lane

Swift Place

Nursery Lane

Dick Lane

Stones Drive

Old Stones House

Stones Methodist Church

Stead Lane

Rylands Park

Castle Lane

Dyson Lane

White Hart Fold

The Hollins

Small Lees Road

Spring Street

Fountain Street

Back Fold

Back Lane

Oldham Road

Halifax Road

Mill View

Bridge End

Mill Fold Way

School Close

Clough House

Bank Hey Botom Lane

Fiddle Lane

Ripponden Old Bank

Moor Bottom Road

Stainland Road

Jackson Lane

Scammonden Road

Pannier Top

Lightcliffe Royd

Garden Lane

Barsey Green Lane

Spring Head

Norland Road

Dog Lane

Turbury Lane

Clegg Lane

Scar Bottom Lane

Brian Royd Lane

Moor Bottom Lane

Martin Green Lane

Greetland Community Centre

Haigh Street

School Street

Ashfield Road

Sunnybank Road

Cross Hill

Crosshills Mount

Milner Lane

Crosshills Mount

Road End

Clay House Lane

Fan Systems

Hollins Terrace

Clay House

Fox Court

Car Park

Green Lane

Stainland Road

Calder Street

Rochdale Road

Green Lane

Elizabeth Street

Saddleworth Road

Dean Street

Middle Dean Street

Back Queen Street

Stainland Road

Ingwood Parade

Green Lane

Ravenstones Drive

Feather Bed Lane

Ringwood Edge

Sycamore Drive

Hullenedge Road

Hullen Road

Hammerstone Leach Lane

Victoria Road

Muckey Lane

South Lane

Lindley Road



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